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An ancient city dating back over 1200 years, Kyoto is the cultural center of Japan.

Owing to Kyoto's central place in Japanese history, it has given birth to numerous arts and culture over the years, and is thus home to a large number of art museums and other museums.

When sightseeing in Kyoto it is likely that you will pay a visit to the city's famous temples and shrines, but Kyoto has much more to offer. Any trip to Kyoto should not be without a visit to the city's art spots such as its art museums and other museums.

Some art museums are based in important cultural property-designated Japanese houses as well as historical buildings, so please be sure to give them a visit.

This website introduces Kyoto's main art museums and other museums. We hope that it will in some small way contribute to you making an enjoyable and memorable trip to Kyoto.

Museum List

Things you should know in order to enjoy Kyoto's art museums